Epiphase is a network of experienced team business executives, scientists, and engineers who are experts working with novel materials, compounds, coating processes, epitaxy, and tools when it comes to R&D, manufacturing and commercialization of semiconductors and

Our goal is to help establish USA-based new materials related companies in areas such as green hydrogen, gallium nitride, meta materials, silicon carbide, etc.

Our focus is to add value re government grants, business relationships, spin out, corporate partnerships and supporting funds raising of various type.

We see various USA supply chain needs including a stand-alone epitaxy foundry committed to serving the needs of early stage companies and research institutions working to realize the true high voltage potential of SiC (3 kV+) and emerging digital SiC by delivering the highest quality epitaxy. We prior catalyzed establishment of a US stand alone Si/SiC semiconductor rapid prototyping foundry.

Other areas of interest include but are not limited to carbon nano tubes, diamond, graphene, and superconductors.

Silicon Carbide, as an example, is on a 10x growth tech this decade and similar growth in the following decade driven by renewable energy, e-transport, and vital for main grid upgrades world wide to build smart grids.

Please contact us for more information in your areas of interest.